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Franchise Empowerment Inv. Co is the owner of the Akaleel Brand. Akaleel is the core franchise-able business.

Conceptually, a franchise–based operation develops as follows:

  • A party (the franchisee) recognizes the success of Akaleel brand and wishes to reproduce that success in their region.
  • Franchise Empowerment Inv. Co, as the Trade Mark Owners, allows the franchisee to use the brand, (inclusive of all operating systems, management expertise, design features, images, materials, and all other aspects of Akaleel business model).
  • In return for this the Franchise Empowerment Inv. Co requires a license fee for the right to use the Akaleel name with all related branding designs, images, menus and systems. The license may be granted for a city, a country, or a region depending on requirements and negotiations, and will be for an agreed term with an option to renew by mutual agreement.
  • Franchise Empowerment Inv. Co will provide all information and assistance in terms of interior design drawings, furniture design, showroom plan, set-up support, equipment purchasing and training to enable the Akaleel brand to be operated in its entirety in the franchisee’s location.
  • Franchise Empowerment Inv. Co will continue to support the franchisee’s operation of Akaleel brand during the term of the license agreement by regular management visits, ongoing training support, marketing support, and providing the benefits of any new product and design development.
  • The franchisee will pay, each month, a percentage of the monthly gross sales revenue to the company.
  • Depending on the size of the market, Franchise Empowerment Inv. Co may require the franchisee to open a minimum number of outlets within a specified time frame. Each new outlet will receive pre-opening assistance from the Franchise Empowerment Inv. Co, recognizing that each franchise opportunity will be unique to a particular situation, a party wishing to explore the franchise concept with Akaleel should embark on preliminary discussions to identify territorial requirements etc., and with Franchise Empowerment Inv. Co will negotiate all details of the franchise arrangement to the satisfaction of both parties.
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Akaleel opened its doors in 2019 in Saudi Arabia.
At Akaleel, our mission is to accelerate the customers’ transition to happiness, enjoyment, and wellbeing by delivering exceptional floral products and landscaping solutions.
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