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Presenting flowers

We arrange natural flowers and gifts and deliver them online


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Flowers improve any occasion, but not everyone has time to go to the flower shop. Whether you buy for yourself, your loved ones, or as a business gift, we have something for everyone on our site.


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Choose the right roses from many beautiful and succulent choices, and we will deliver them to your door on the same day inside the Kingdom.


24/7 Customer Service

At Akaleel, we are keen to serve you carefully through our online store and provide the best customer experience. If you encounter any problem, please get in touch with customer service.

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Our Vision

To be the leaders in Bringing Nature’s Beauty to Life.
To be the leading provider of beautiful and sustainable floral products and landscaping services, inspiring individuals to connect with nature and enhance their surroundings.

Why Us

Our Mission

To accelerate the customers’ transition to happiness, enjoyment, and well-being by delivering exceptional floral products and landscaping solutions.

Mission Elaboration:
The company’s mission extends beyond delivering exceptional products and services. It aims to be an advocate for environmental conservation and social responsibility. Through its floral products, it seeks to bring joy, beauty, and emotional well-being to individuals’ lives. Simultaneously, its landscaping services aim to create sustainable outdoor spaces that enhance the quality of life for both people and the surrounding ecosystem.