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We welcome everyone who wants to join Akaleel community.

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Application Steps

Take the steps required to become an official owner

Get to know us

We will happily answer your questions and confirm that you are a qualified candidate to join our family.

Additional Information

If the interview goes well, printed materials will be sent with additional information about the franchise.


When both sides are ready to move forward, we will move on to the next step – the legal paperwork.


We have to review many documents together, and then we will need to get a financial guarantee from you.


You will take training in floral design and shopping operations at one of our retail studios.


Congratulations! You are officially the owner and operator of your Akaleel flower shop.

We offer you

Several styles of flower bouquets

Flower bouquets designed by qualified designers to impress you and suit every occasion you have just from your place with one click and let’s deal with the rest.

Happy Clients
Bouquet of roses
Why Us

Our Mission

To accelerate the customers’ transition to happiness, enjoyment, and well-being by delivering exceptional floral products and landscaping solutions.

The company’s mission extends beyond delivering exceptional products and services. It aims to be an advocate for environmental conservation and social responsibility. Through its floral products, it seeks to bring joy, beauty, and emotional well-being to individuals’ lives. Simultaneously, its landscaping services aim to create sustainable outdoor spaces that enhance the quality of life for both people and the surrounding ecosystem.