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We know that with some of the perks out there, you need to be a millionaire to incur one cost. Not with us. Our franchise fee is completely based on the size of the area you will cover and starts at $10,000. In our experience, a typical opening cost is between $40k and $70k, depending on the location you choose.

We are accepting applicants from across North America with a primary interest in the GTA region to date.

No. Before buying in a franchise and opening your own store, we ask that you be able to cover the costs of a financial opening. We also require that your credit score be 630 or higher. However, we are happy to help you open a purchase credit line if required.

With our business model you will have multiple sources of revenue. Online orders are mainly based on online marketing activity, and retail revenue is mainly based on location. Corporate sales and wedding business depend entirely on how actively you are in attracting these customers. We estimate that the average owner operator should earn at least $50,000 per year.

Our initial internship program for all new franchisees includes one week of Nectar University program at one of our locations and one week of on-site training by one of our senior business leaders. You’ll also get exclusive access to the Nectar Partner Support Portal which includes useful information and the ability to order flowers and supplies. During your training program.

Our model is royalty-free and includes only a small monthly franchise fee.

We do not ask for previous experience in floral design and welcome people with any previous work experience. However, the ideal candidate should have some previous customer service experience in any field.

You won’t need to create the infrastructure for your business. You will get returns from day one. Mass savings on flowers and supplies allow you to save $25-40 compared to the average flower shops in your area.

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