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Chairman Speech

Eng. Salem Al-Masrahi

  • When considering an investment in any industry, the pivotal factor in making the decision is determining whether it will bring added value. We strongly believe that successful companies are those that build their plans around customer satisfaction, surpassing their expectations through strategic initiatives that emphasize continuous development, standardization, and sustainable growth.
  • Since its establishment, AKALEEL Company has been dedicated to creating an organization that prioritizes customers, aiming to earn their loyalty and appreciation. Our esteemed customers are at the forefront of our focus, and we take great pleasure in the trust they place in us. We maintain open lines of communication with them at all times to ensure their needs are promptly met. The foundation of AKALEEL’s products and services lies in the use of premium-grade components, harmonizing with the creativity of our flower designers and landscape engineers.
  • We serve as custodians of beauty, protectors of nature’s poetry. Our primary role is to awaken dormant emotions, ignite feelings, and celebrate life’s precious moments through the language of flowers. With each delicate petal we touch, our aim is to evoke emotions that transcend words, creating a symphony that resonates deeply within the hearts of those who appreciate the wonders of flowers at AKALEEL.
  • At AKALEEL, we firmly believe that teamwork is the foremost choice for professionals. Therefore, we strive to foster an appealing and stimulating environment that encourages creativity and innovation, not only for our valued human resources but for all our business networks, as well.

Eng. Salem Al-Masrahi